Gardens and Management

Gardening at 65 MPH

North Carolina gardeners face some tough challenges and Don Lee may head up one of the best group of gardeners in our state. You can read the entire story online at the Blowing Rocket.

The Future of Nature

Landscape designer Claudia West believes the future of nature resides in landscapes we manage. In my recent interview Claudia explains how to take cues from natural environments and create dense, layered designs in your garden.      

Farm to Floor

Christmas trees are a big business in NC and gardeners can learn a lot from tree farmers.  A lot of science and tradition go into these trees. I talked with a Christmas tree farmer, a tourism official, an Extension agent, and a scientist who… Read More ›

Bees are in Town

Durham, North Carolina is experiencing a boom. Buildings and urban agriculture are growing side by side. I meet a bee keeper, her musical bees, and some of the people who are leading the way.