A Case for Common Names

Dr. Allan Ermitage makes a case for common plant names on the latest Triangle Gardener podcast. Listeners can receive a discount on his books by entering the code TRIANGLE on his site, allanarmitage.net

Perfect Tomato Planter

The Gardener’s Revolution Classic Tomato Garden Kit has changed the way I grow tomatoes. It holds a lot of soil, has a trellis integrated into its design, and a large water reservoir. This season I almost look like a tomato expert…. Read More ›

Growing Tomatoes

Growing the tomato of your dreams can be a source of frustration. I got tips from pros about ways you can modify your growing environment for a successful season.

The Future of Nature

Landscape designer Claudia West believes the future of nature resides in landscapes we manage. In my recent interview Claudia explains how to take cues from natural environments and create dense, layered designs in your garden.      

Worm Farm Composter

Verimcomposting is easier with the right tools. I love my Worm Farm Composter from Gardener’s Supply.  It makes composting with worms easy. I’ve shared my experience on the Triangle Gardener’s podcast.